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About Oak Trees and Acorns

A Fun and Enriched Experience


At Oak Trees and Acorns we believe in providing children with a supportive environment which emphasizes quality of life, encourages growth, and recognizes the importance of family and of generations coming together.
We believe in order for children to learn, they must first feel good about themselves and feel confident in their capabilities. We strive to provide a variety of experiences that are age appropriate to a child's learning style and developmental needs.

Children enrolled at our Sherbrooke (long term care home) location will become an integral part of daily life at Sherbrooke. We believe that intergenerational interaction between children and residents strengthens the whole community, helps encourage the child's self-worth through an extended family concept, and improves the quality of life for all.
Children enrolled at our Caroline Robins location will become an integral part of the community school environment. We believe that early exposure to the school community, its activities and resources, create more seamless transitions to Pre Kindergarten and Kindergarten education, while helping to create important social bonds within the community. Children at this location will also have the same opportunity for intergenerational interactions with Central Haven, Sherbrooke's sister site, although on a less frequent spontaneous schedule.

Children enrolled in both locations will be enriched with our inclusive programming using the Play and Exploration curriculum.

We are licensed through the Ministry of Education, Early Years Branch and regulated by The Child Care Act, and The Saskatchewan Child Care Regulations.

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